Refer a New Patient to Dr. David Shannon and


David Shannon, DDS
Northridge Cosmetic
and Family Dentist
(818) 772-7096

Visit Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta
and Mazatlan, Mexico

Sail from Long Beach on Carnival Panorama

Win 7 luxurious days on a Carnival Cruises Mexican Riviera vacation sailing
from Long Beach to the major ports of Mexico along the Pacific Coast.

Cabo San Lucas El Arco and Lovers Beach


El Arco (the Arch) & Lover's Beach

San José del Cabo

Médano Beach

Todos Santos


Dolphin Encounter

Whale Watching

Outdoor Adventure

Puerto Vallarta


The Malecon

Las Caletas

Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Tequila Hacienda


Isla Marietas

Dolphin Encounter

Outdoor Adventure

Mazatlan Cathedral


Cathedral Basilica & Plaza Revolución

Teatro Angela Peralta

Golden Zone

Stone Island

Pacifico Brewery

High Divers

Outdoor Adventure

The More Patients You Refer The More Opportunities to Win!

The Details

Receive one entry in the drawing for every new patient you refer to Dr. Shannon by January 1, 2022. There is no limit on the number of patients you may refer or the number of entries you may have in the drawing. All referrals must schedule an appointment with Dr. Shannon and complete that appointment before January 1, 2022. Referrals who do not follow through with an appointment will not be counted as an entry for the drawing.

See below for complete details and learn how you can get multiple entries in the drawing.

    Winning entry will be chosen on January 3, 2022

    Winner must reserve stateroom by January 14, 2022

    Cruise departs Long Beach on April 23, 2022

Karina E.

Such an amazing experience! The dentist and all of the staff were so kind and welcoming! This dental experience was the best one I have ever had. I look forward to my next cleaning. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Shannon. Everything about the experience was efficient and professional. And at the end you get the cutest dental gift kit!

Barak G.

Dr. Shannon is a great dentist and a good man. I came for my first visit and found a very pleasant man that is interested in his patients and giving good dental care. Dr. Shannon is also active within the community and I see him always doing something to help.

Stephanie D.

I’ve been going to Dr. Shannon for years and I think he and his staff are great. I referred a friend to his practice recently and, as a thank you, he sent me a pair of movie tickets! That was incredibly sweet! He’s a great dentist, not just for me but for my kids, too. I took them for their first ever check-up and they loved it. I highly recommend him!

The Legal Stuff

Sorry. You Don't Have to Read It. But We Have to Print It.
Additional Conditions May Be Imposed by Carnival Cruises.

The following explains in complete detail the rules of the drawing and how to have your name entered to win the 7-Day Mexican Riviera Cruise from Dr. David Shannon.
  • For each new qualifying patient your refer to David Shannon, DDS you will be eligible to have your name entered into the drawing. There is no limit on the number of patients you may refer or the number of entries you may have in the drawing.
  • To be considered a "qualifying" referral, each new referral must schedule and keep an appointment with David Shannon, DDS at his Northridge, CA office for a dental exam and teeth cleaning or other dental procedure. Referrals who fail to schedule an appointment, or who fail to keep a scheduled appointment, will not be counted as a qualifying referral.
  • Referred patients must schedule an appointment and complete their appointment NO LATER THAN January 1, 2022. The winning entry will be chosen on January 3, 2022.
  • A patient referred for the purposes of this giveaway cannot be a current or past patient of David Shannon, DDS.
  • You do not have to be a current patient of David Shannon, DDS to be eligible to refer new patients and enter this giveaway.
  • If you are not a current patient of David Shannon, DDS you may refer yourself as a qualifying new patient for the purpose of entry.
  • Employees, vendors, contractors and other service providers for David Shannon, DDS, and their families, are ineligible to enter this giveaway.
  • Winner is responsible for reserving your stateroom NO LATER THAN January 14, 2022.
  • Cruise will depart Long Beach on April 23 2022.
Once you have referred at least one patient to David Shannon, DDS and have earned your first entry into the drawing, your name can be added to the "pool" multiple times by completing one or more of the actions below. You will get one additional entry for each action accomplished. The more actions you take, the more chances you'll have to win!

It is your responsibility to alert us to these actions and send us a link where we can verify them and award your additional entries. You can email us from the link at the bottom of this page or from our Contact Page. If you fail to notify us of a qualifying action, and we fail to discover it on our own, we will not be responsible for your extra entry not being included.
  • Share this web page on your social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others.
  • If you haven't done so before, "like" and share our Facebook page with your Facebook friends (link below).
  • Share our Facebook post about this drawing with your Facebook friends.
David Shannon, DDS will award a prepaid travel certificate for two to one winning entrant. This gift will have no cash value other than that outlined in the certificate. The stateroom provided will be an interior room. All other expenses, including extra amenities, upgraded room, additional food, alcohol, etc. will be the sole responsibility of the winner. David Shannon, DDS will not be obligated for any further expenses incurred by use of this travel certificate and bears no responsibility for additional charges above the cost of the cruise tickets included in this giveaway.
Before You board the ship, You must
  • See that Your cruise fare is paid.
  • Familiarize yourself with the terms of the Passage Contract.
  • Bring all necessary travel documents such as passports, visas, proof of citizenship, re-entry permits, minor’s permissions, medical certificates showing all necessary vaccinations, and all other documents necessary for ports of call in the countries to which You will travel. NOTE: *** Government Issued Photo ID is Required ***

It is the Guest’s sole responsibility to obtain and have available when necessary the appropriate valid travel documents. All Guests are advised to check with their travel agent or the appropriate government authority to determine the necessary documents. You will be refused boarding or disembarked without liability for refund, payment, compensation, or credit of any kind if You do not have proper documentation, and You will be subject to any fine or other costs incurred by Carrier which result from improper documentation or noncompliance with applicable regulations, which amount may be charged to Your stateroom account and/or credit card.

When minors are traveling with only one adult 21 years of age or older, Carrier requires that all guests must be in possession of a valid passport. Carrier has implemented this requirement so that Your party remains together should an emergency arise that requires one or more in your party to be disembarked in a non-U.S. port. Carrier cannot guarantee that all members of Your party will be allowed to disembark with only a WHTI-compliant document or birth certificate.
  • Arrive at least two hours before the scheduled or amended sailing time and have with You all required documentation. Attach a completed Carnival Cruises luggage tag to each piece of baggage.
  • Be sure that You and any person in Your care are fit to take the Cruise.
  • Upon boarding the ship, You must register a valid credit card or other acceptable payment method at the Passenger Services/Purser’s Desk to cover any charges to Your stateroom account.
  • Prior to disembarking the ship, You must pay in full all amounts charged to Your stateroom account.

Carrier shall not be liable for refund, payment, compensation or credit of any kind, nor damages resulting from Your failure to comply with any of the requirements set forth above.
"Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses" as used by Carrier, may include any and all fees, charges, tolls and taxes imposed on us by governmental or quasi-governmental authorities, as well third party fees and charges arising from a vessel’s presence in a harbor or port. Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses may include U.S. Customs fees, head taxes, Panama Canal tolls, dockage fees, wharfage fees, inspection fees, pilotage, air taxes, hotel or VAT taxes incurred as part of a land tour, immigration and naturalization fees, and Internal Revenue Service fees, as well as fees for navigation, berthing, stevedoring, baggage handling/storage and security services. Taxes, Fees, & Port Expenses may be assessed per guest, per berth, per ton or per vessel. Assessments calculated on a per ton or per vessel basis will be spread over the number of passengers on the Ship. Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses are subject to change and Carrier reserves the right to collect any increases in effect at the time of sailing even if the fare has already been paid in full.
You are required to pay a cancellation fee (including 3rd and 4th berths) if You cancel Your Cruise, Cruisetour or Cruise Plus package. Cancellation fees are based on the fare paid, excluding Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses, transfers, surcharges, shore & land excursions and most pre-purchased gift(s) and/or special service(s). You are not entitled to any refund, payment, compensation or credit except as otherwise provided in this Section. Any refunds will be made directly to the method of payment You used at the time of booking or Your travel agent and You must receive Your refund directly from these sources. You may cancel by telephone or electronic advice via a Carrier-approved Computer Reservation System, provided Carrier immediately receives written confirmation of cancellation. In such case cancellation shall be deemed effective as of the close of business Pacific Standard Time on the date You communicated such cancellation.

Since a cancellation likely means a diminished opportunity to sell space on other cruises/cruisetours, the cancellation fees in the schedules below apply regardless of whether Your space is resold. You hereby agree that losses sustained by us in the event of Your cancellation would be very difficult or impossible to quantify, and that the fees set forth in our cancellation policy represent a fair and reasonable assessment as liquidated damages. The amount of cancellation fee varies based on length of sailing for cruise/cruisetour and timing of cancellation for cruise/cruisetour and Cruise Plus package, as illustrated in the schedules below.

For more information and answers to many of your questions, call Sandy at Let’s Go! Travel • (818) 712-0933